Components and technical solutions for power electronics


       For special requirements, ABB has optimized some components for use in Pulsed Power Applications.These components are designed for very high di/dt switching and fast turn-on in combination with veryhigh current capability and high voltage. Most of them include special driver units.
       The products shown in this overview are examples of our Pulsed Power products. Besides the compo-nents listed below, we continue to design and produce optimized components and switches, which willmeet the requirements of future markets.To support our customers, we design and produce complete switch assemblies, which include thesemiconductors, driving, triggering, clamping, cooling and testing.
        ABB has a long experience in Pulsed Power applications worldwide, working closely with other leadingcompanies and organizations in this field.
        Our optimized components, mostly complete switch assemblies, have been used for years as dischargeswitches under repetitive conditions and are superior to electronic tubes, in terms of environmentalcompatibility and lifetime.

Semiconductor Components optimized for Pulsed Power Applications

Part number  VDRM VRRMI-pulse  Device Type Gate Driver



 Asymmetic Blocking
 5STH 20H4501 4500 18 80 discharge switch repetitive none
 5STH 30J4501 4500 18 110 discharge switch  repetitive none
 5SPY 08F4500 4500 18 30 discharge switch  repetitive integrated
 5SPY 36L4502 4500 18 150 discharge switch  non repetitive integrated
 5SPY 36L4503 4500 18 150 discharge switch  repetitive integrated
 5SPY 36L4506 4500 18 150 discharge switch  repetitive integrated
 Reverse Blocking
 5SPB 08F4500 4500 4500 30 discharge switch repetitive integrated
 5SPB 36L4502 4500 4500 150 discharge switch non repetitive integrated
 5SPB 36L4503 4500 4500 150 discharge switch non repetitive integrated
 5SPB 36L4506 4500 4500 150 discharge switch repetitive integrated
 Reverse Conducting
 5SPR 08F4500 4500 0 20 discharge switch repetitive integrated
 5SPR 26L4502  4500 0 50 discharge switch non repetitive integrated
 5SPR 26L4506  4500 0 100 discharge switch repetitive integrated
 Multiwafer Components
 5STF 07Z1350 13.500 13.500 60 discharge non repetitive separate
 5SDA 27Z1350  13.500 60 crowbar diode non repetitive 
 Power Supply (for devices with integrated drivers)
 5SPP 25X4000    power supply currenr source power supply 


Reverse Conducting high di/dt component
with integrated driver unit
Reverse Conducting Solid State
Switch as Thyratron Alternative

Charge Voltage:12 kVdc
I-pulse:1.5 kA
Rep. Rate:400 Hz
Cooling:Water Cooling
Components:6 x 5SPR 08F4500
Incl. closed loop current source
power supply and optical trigger box

Multichip devices
Reverse Conducting Switch Assembly
Charge Voltage:20 kVdc
I-pulse:up to 30 kA
di/dt:up to 20 kA/µs
Rep. Rate:up to 300 Hz
Cooling:Water Cooling
Components:8 x 5SPR 26L4506
Clamping system:Fiberglass Epoxy

 Reverse Blocking Capacitor Discharge Switch
Coaxial built-up, with current limiting resistors

Charge Voltage  : 24 kVdc
I-pulse             : 140 kA / µs at tp = 50 µs
Di/dt capability  : up to 20 kA / µs
Rep. Rate         : Single pulse Triggering : Optical
Components     : 8 x 5SPB 36L4502
(with energy extraction)