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Series MSP 35 SMD - TO 220

35 Watt Thick Film Power Resistors for Surface Mount including Metal Tab

 The special performance feature of the Type MSP include:
• 35 Watt power rating at 25°C
• SMD - TO-220 package configuration
•Heat resistance to cooling plate: Rth< 4.28 °K/W
•A molded case for environmental protection.
•Resistor element is electrically insulated from the metal sink tab.


Soldering Note:
During surface mount soldering the soldering temperature profile must not cause the metal tab of this device to exceed 220°C.

If the solder profile is higher than 220°C, please use our alternative type MHP-35 SMD TO 220.

 • Resistance Range: 0.1Ω to 1 MΩ other values on request
• Resistance Tolerance: ±1% to ±10% (±0.5% on request)
• Temperature Coefficient: 10Ω and above, ± 50ppm/°C, referenced to 25°C, ΔR taken at +105°C. Between 1Ω and 10Ω, ±(100ppm+0.002 Ω)/°C, referenced to 25°C, ΔR taken at +105°C.
• Max. Operating Voltage: 350V
• Dielectric Strength: 1,800VAC
• Insulation Resistance: 10GΩ min.
• Momentary Overload: 2 times rated power with applied voltage not to exceed 1.5 times maximum continuous operating voltage for 5 seconds, ΔR ±(0.3% + 0.01Ω) max.
• Load Life: MIL-R-39009, 2,000 hours at rated power, ΔR ±(1.0% + 0.01Ω).
• Power Rating: Depends upon case temperature. See Derating Curve.
• Moisture Resistance: MIL-Std-202, Method 106, ΔR =(0.5% + 0.01Ω) max.
• Thermal Shock: MIL-Std-202, Method 107, Cond. F, ΔR =(0.3% + 0.01Ω) max.
• Working Temperature Range: -55°C to +175°C
• Terminal Strength: MIL-Std-202, Method 211, Cond. A (Pull Test) 2.4N, ΔR =(0.2% + 0.01Ω) max.
• Vibration, High Frequency: MIL-Std-202, Method 204, Cond. D, ΔR =(0.2% + 0.01Ω) max.
• Lead Material: Ni-plated copper

Derating (thermal resistance): 0.23W/°K (4.28°K/W).

The case temperature is to be used for the definitiion of the applied power limit.
The case temperature measurement must be made with a thermocouple contacting the center of the component mounted on the designed heat sink.
Thermal grease should be applied properly.