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Series LXP 20 TO 220

20 Watt Thick Film Power Resistors for High Frequency and Pulse Loading Applications

 EBG offers the totally encapsulatedand insulated TO-220 package for low ohmic value and non-inductive design for high frequency and pulsing applications. Ideal use is for power supplies. This seriesis rated at 20 Watts mounted to a heatsink. The special features include:
 •20 Watt power rating at 25°C casetemperature
 •High pulse tolerant design
 •TO-220 package configuration
 •Snap-on style TO-220 heat sinkrequired
 •A totally molded housing forenviromental protection.
 •Non-Inductive design
 •Resistor package totally insulated fromheat sink.


 •Resistance Range: 0.05W to1MW other values on request
 •Resistance Tolerance:±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10% (0.5% onrequest)
 •Temperature Coefficient:10W and above, ±50ppm/°C,referenced to 25°C, DR taken at+105°C. Between 1W and 10W,±(100ppm + 0.002W)/°C,referenced to 25°C, DR taken at+105°C
 •Max. Operating Voltage: 350V
 •Dielectric Strength: 1,800V AC
 •Power Rating:20W at 25°C. Depends uponcase temperature. See DeratingCurve.
 •Insulation Resistance:10GW min.
 •Momentary Overload:2 times rated power with appliedvoltage not to exceed 1.5 timesmaximum continuous operatingvoltage for 5 seconds, DR ± (0.3%+ 0.001W) max.
 •Load Life:MIL-R-39009, 2,000 hours atrated power, DR ±(1.0% +0.001W).
 •Moisture Resistance:MIL-Std-202, Method 106, DR±(0.5% + 0.001W) max.
 •Thermal Shock:MIL-Std-202, Method 107, Cond. F,DR ±(0.3% + 0.001W) max.
 •Terminal Strength:MIL-Std-202, Method 211, Cond. A(Pull Test) 2.4N, DR ±(0.2% + 0.001W)max.
 •Vibration, High Frequency:MIL-Std-202, Method 204, Cond. D,DR ±(0.2% + 0.001W) max.
 •Lead Material: Tinned Copper
 • For pulse power details, please  see page 27 (datasheet UXP-300)!

Derating (thermal resistance): 0.16W/°K (6.25°K/W). Without a heatsink, when in free air at 25°C, the LXP20 is rated for 3W. By using the element with a snap-on heat sink the resistor is rated for 5W. Derating for temp. above 25°C is 0.018W/ °K. 

The case temperature is to be used for the definitiion of the applied power limit.
The case temperature measurement must be made with a thermocouple contacting the center of the component mounted on the designed heat sink.
Thermal grease should be applied properly.