Components and technical solutions for power electronics


EBG is a leading international
electronics components manufacturer,
concentrating on highly specialized
electronic resistive components.
• EBG has its corporate headquarters
in Austria. In addition, we have
operational facilities throughout
Europe, USA and the Asian basin.
• Since 1977, EBG has added many
quality electronic component products,
and from its Austrian plant, EBG
exports more than 85% of its
production to its customers all over
the world via Air Freight in 3 days or l
• EBG does not produce the commodity
type electronic components; rather,
we concentrate in the high technology
components spectrum.
• EBG`s resistive components offer
such characteristics as very low and
controlled temperature and voltage
coefficients, high stability, high
temperature operations and very
tight tolerances. All products comply
with applicable enviromental tests as
required by European and USA
military specifications.
• The EBG resistor product lines
consist of an extensive variety
of meta oxide products made
with our   exclusive METOX -
FILM formulation. We offer
different style options such as
flats, cylindricals, dividers and
• EBG is EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified.
Our customer base consists of many
of the top FORTUNE 500 companies
throughout the world.
• We encourage you to contact our
technical staff to help assist you in
your development/design of your
individual resistor needs.  

 - High Voltage Resistors

 - Power Resistors

 - Ultra High Power Resistors
 -Voltage Dividers and Networks

 - Shunts -Current Sense Resistor

 - Metal Film