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APICAPACITORS is an established company providing professional capacitors for demanding specialised power electronic applications and has acquired a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence. The company is at the forefront of capacitor technology, leading the market with many of its products.


APICAPACITORS uses a wide range of dielectric materials and impregnants, each being carefully selected to provide optimum operating characteristics to match customer requirements. Metallised dielectrics are used in many applications, but in some designs, due to exceptionally high currents, aluminium foil is retained as the traditional electrode.

Many designs incorporate metallised film technology, which gives advantages in weight and volume reduction over the traditional film/foil construction. Special metallising techniques are used to reduce the potential problems caused by self-healings which can occur from time to time. Whilst not normally a problem in small capacitors used on printed circuit boards, the uncontrolled energy in self-healing operations in larger capacitors can cause consequential damage and further degradation of the device. NCL has developed techniques which obviate these problems thus ensuring reliable and trouble free operation.

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