Components and technical solutions for power electronics

High power Disconnectors and Switches


When industry-leading compagnies worldwide have a special challenge, they call Ferraz Shawmut.

Why? Because we've pioneered more technological advances in high-power switches than all ofour competitors combined with three Ferraz Shawmut brands:
• Fouilleret
• Berg
• Soulé

• A deformable disconnect switch that can moveon three axes to allow for bus bar expansion, eliminating the need for expensive flexibleconnections.
• A proven air-cooled switch for aluminium smel-ting - the first of its kind.
• The first input loadbreak disconnect switch for"choppers" - DC-to-DC converters used in chlor-alkali applications.
• The first loadbreak switch and rotating currenttransfer unit for copper foil process.
• The first dual-shell switching system for DC arcfurnaces. 
 DC and AC switch designs to handle high current/low voltage and high voltage/lowcurrent applications, include
• Rectifier output disconnect switches.
• Change-over disconnect switches.
• Change-over grounding disconnect switches.
• Polarity-reversing disconnect switches.
• Distribution panel disconnect switches.
• Low-voltage disconnect switches.
• Medium-voltage disconnect switches.
• Grounding switches.
• Mobile and stationary shorting switches.

  • Pure silver-to-silver contacts for the best connection.
•A visible disconnect that eliminates guesswork and increases safety.
• Self-cleaning contacts for minimal maintenance.
• Aluminium or copper, bolted or welded connection.
• Various methods of operation - manual, electric or pneumatic.
• Mechanical or electrical open-switch locks.
• Multiple contacts, with spring-loaded arc-quenching chambersindependent from the main contacts on load break switches.
• Outdoor enclosures resistant to corrosive environments


A range of switches, from transformer to cell

 High-power chemical processes, like electroplating andthe electrolysis of chlorine, fluorine and magnesium,require disconnect switches that can handle 300 kAplus.

Ferraz Shawmut offers these as well as a range of othertypes of switches, to cover the entire line from transfor-mer to cell. In fact, we were the first to create multipleproducts for specific applications.

Switches are available for flexible or fixed connections -copper or aluminium, bolted or welded.

They include:

• Medium-voltage transformer disconnect switches.
• Rectifier output disconnect switches.
• Mobile and stationary shorting switches.
• Polarity-reversing disconnect switches for electroplating.

Very High Power Disconnectors
PBD (Plain Bars Disconnectors) Type
2000 V DC - 20 kA to 160 kA
Single pole / Double pole / Change-over
Aluminum Terminals

Few applications are as extreme as metals processing.Whether it involves arc furnaces or induction ovensthat reach over 300 kA, rolling mills or the electricallycharged drums used to create foils, metals processingposes formidable challenges to circuit protection.
High-Current Disconnectors
1500 V DC - 14 kA to 140 kA
Single pole / Double pole / Change-over
Aluminum or Copper Terminals

Hgh-Current Disconnectors
MBD (Multi-Blade Disconnectors) Type
2000 V DC - 5kA to 60 kA
Single pole / Double pole / Change-over
Aluminum or Copper Terminals


 If you've traveled by train anywhere in the world, chan-ces are Ferraz Shawmut's high-power switches werepart of trip.

Built to take the vibration and constant punishment oftraction applications, our AC and DC switches arefound everywhere - from light rail and subway trains tolocomotives, from substations and rolling stock to thirdrails.

Customers rely on us for:

Change-over disconnectors on board FA Type

The switches can be operated manually, or they can bemotorized and operated locally or remotely, increasingsafety and reliability. Another safety feature is a built-ininterlock that ensures the position of the switch.

 High Current Disconnectors
Change-over disconnectors
FA Type
3000 V ~ / = 500-8000 A 0-175 HZ

• Substation switches:
   •DC change-over switches.
   •DC grounding switches.
   •AC medium-voltage disconnect switches.

• Rolling stock switches:
   •AC and DC disconnect switches.
   •AC and DC change-over switches with several poles and several positions, to handle main, shop, auxiliary and othersources of power.

• Track and main yard switches:
   •Catenary and third-rail switches.
   •Loadbreak disconnect switches to sectionalize track.

DC Loadbreak Switches
IF Type
1000 V DC - 800 to 6300 A


 So whether your needs are simple or complex, you can rely on Ferraz Shawmut to deliver the best solution. Tolearn more, call us. We'll show you all the ways we're your circuit protection resource.

• Distribution panel disconnect switches.
• Low-voltage disconnect switches.
• Medium-voltage disconnect switches.
• Grounding switches.
• Mobile and statinary shorting switches. 
 HAS Type
12 kV, 24 kV, 36 kV400 A to 1 000 A - up to 175 Hz
Number of poles : 1, 2, 3, ...
 HAS Type1.6 kA to 6.3 kA - up to 175 HzNumber of poles: 1, 2, 3, ...

Equally important, we possess the ability to listen. An ability that enables us to trulyunderstand your operation and your needs, so we can create a high-power switch solution that's both effective and cost-effective.

ETM Type
3.6 kV, 12 kV, 24 kV, 36 kV
Number of poles : 1, 2, 3, ...

 HAS Type
12 kV, 24 kV, 36 kV
1.6 kA to 6.3 kA - up to 175 Hz
Number of poles: 1, 2, 3, ...
• Large isolation air and creepage path
• Self-cleaning blade contacts
• True opening and visible break
• Rugged anti-torsion construction
• Large customisation with :
    Manual, motor, pneumatic drives
   Auxiliary switches, solenoid interlocks
• According to IEC 62 271
• Dimensions Adaptable


Innovating to meet customers' needs

  Ferraz Shawmut, a division of the Carbone Lorrainegroup, is the world's reference in circuit protection.

On the strength of that position, and long experience with electrical contacts, the company offers a range of equipment for railway traction applications.

Its strong presence around the world brings it close toits customers wherever they are, and helps it to tailor products to their needs.
 To maintain its leadership on the traction market,Ferraz Shawmut makes the most of the synergiesoffered by its Test Center, dedicated to innovationand quality. Products run the full gamut of tests there-electrical, climatic, mechanical - static, dynamic,endurance, wear - under the harshest conditionspossible, before final assembly.

From the very outset of a project, Ferraz Shawmutworks with the builders and operators of the tractionsystem to study the best solutions to meet their requirements.
  In close collaboration with customers' design andengineering departments, Ferraz Shawmut hasdeveloped specific know-how, working methodsand organizational structure, with the goal ofconstantly proposing new solutions.

Ferraz Shawmut offers you:
• a team of experts working with design software to better optimize your equipment
• exceptional product performances
• great flexibility to adapt to the specific characteristics of your applications.