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Traction Voltage Detectors VD Range

 Protection of maintenance personnel: an ABB innovation.

Faced with a current offering with insuffi cient reliability that doesn't meet the market standards, ABB has innovated with the VD Traction voltage detector. This 100% electronic product allows your maintenance operatives to detect the presence of a continuous or alternating voltage, before carrying out operations on equipment. When the diode fl ashes, the voltage is greater than 50V and when it is extinguished, the voltage is below this limit. Provided with a double internal function and independent LEDs, the VD Traction voltage detector offers redundant safety and a lifetime of greater than 1 million hours. Guaranteed for 2 years, it allows reliable decisions to carry out operations to be made and protects personnel from dangerous high voltages.

 An answer adapted  to market requirements

Guaranteeing optimum safety, the VD Traction voltage detector meets the requirements for diffi cult environments and is adaptable to the most demanding applications such as:- rolling stock: main converters, auxiliary converters. Based on the SNCF CF60-100 specifi cation, the whole French railway market imposes the presence of a voltage detector within built redundancy, to meet the drastic safety requirements of this sector.- electronic power systems integrating capacitors banks: backups, wind generators, variable speed drives, electrolysis require voltage detectors of robust design and offer high reliability.

 A considered and measured integrated design

Thanks to a 100% electronic technology, ABB has reduced the size of the VD Traction voltage sensor to a minimum. The ultra-compact dimensions allow for simplifi ed installation. Additionally, its self-suffi ciency in energy means that it can work without an external power supply. As an option, a fi ber optic permits the transmission of the information up to 30 m: better visibility and greater ergonomic effi ciency for the operator

 100% electronic

At the forefront of technological innovation at ABB, the VD Traction voltage detector is 100% electronic. Other than the assurance of providing unbeatable performance, it has reduced dimensions: smaller and more compact, it offers greater installation fl exibility.Its 100% electronic technology also provides it with an excellent immunity to surrounding magnetic fi elds: a guarantee for accurate detection of a given voltage.

Double reliability to avoid taking any risks

The VD Traction voltage detector is a voltage detection system with built in redundancy. It is equipped with two electronic circuits each connected to a light emitting diode (LED). These two parallel and independent systems guarantee a high level of safety and improve the reliability of the detector.
 Quality that goes beyond standards

The new product complies with the standard EN50155 (high technology electronic design and testing) and EMC EN50121-3-2(electromagnetic compatibility: resistance to electromagnetic interference) and follows a very rigorous manufacturing process.

Certified ISO 9001 and CE labeled, the VD Traction voltage detector complies with the most rigorous standards and requirements.

The VD Traction voltage detector is the only product on the market that complies with rolling stock safety standards such as: EN50124-1 (electrical isolation), EN50163 (standardized voltage 1500 V d.c.), EN50129 (signalization, SIL level 2 offering greater reliability: more than one million hours).

 Reduction of the number of components, low energy manufacturing processes, use of recyclable packing, reduced energy consumption... The VD Traction voltage detector complies with all the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental standard, in place at ABB since 1998.


VD traction voltage detectorsRolling stock and fixed installation


Electronic detectors for direct and alternating voltages.This safety device signals the presence of dangerous voltages via the independent flashing of two LEDs (Light emitting diodes).A secondary supply voltage is not necessary.



Nominal  voltage (UN)  V d.c. 


Maximum voltage permanent UMAX1  V d.c.


Maximum voltage long duration UMAX25 vin  V d.c.


Maximum voltage overload UMAX3 20 msec V d.c.


Insulation voltage rating1 (UNM)  50 Hz, 10 sec kV


Average current consumption (LED flashing)  mA


LED flashing frequency  Hz


Activating voltage UON  V d.c.


Activating voltage UOFF  V d.c.


Mass  Kg


Operating temperature  °C

 -40 ... +70

Operating and starting temperature  °C -40 ... +85
Light Emitting Diode (LED) colour   red
Light Emitting Diode (LED) angle of vision   ≤15°

 General data

●  Plastic case and insulating resin are self-extinguishing.
● The casing temperature must not exceed 105°C.
●  Fixing holes in the case moulding for horizontal mounting.
●  Changing of the 2 LEDs is without tools.
● Product mounting according to the document: VD1500 range Mounting Instructions (ref. 1SBC140001M1701).
●  Product Use and Maintenance instructions according to the document: Use of the Voltage Detector - Preventive and Curative Maintenance VD1500 Range (ref. 1SBD370058P0001).
● Tightening torque: 2Nm


Only qualified and authorised personnel may carry out any operation on the detector; without voltage applied to the terminals of the voltage detector and with the equipment (power converter) electrically isolated. In order to maintain the high level of reliability, the 2 LEDs must always be replaced at the same time.

Primary connection

● Insert M5x7 for terminals HT1+ and HT2+
● Insert M4x7 for terminals HT1- and HT2-
General operation


UOFF : Low limit at which the LEDs extinguish when the equipment is electrically isolated.

UON : High limit at which the LEDs illuminate (flashing frequency approximately 1.7Hz) when the equipment power is switched on.Between these two limits the LEDs maybe extinguished or flashing.


LED replacement kit
● ABB order code: 1SBT900000R2002 including 5 LEDs with plastic support.
Lens replacement kit (transparent cover)
● ABB order code: 1SBT900000R2001 including 10 lenses.ConformityEN50155, EN50129, EN50124-1, EN50121-3-2


EN50155, EN50129,
EN50124-1, EN50121-3-2