Components and technical solutions for power electronics

Traction Voltage Sensors VS Range

- VS50B to VS500B

- VS750B to VS1500B

- VS2000B to VS4200B

100% electronica great leap forward

To push the performance barriers back ever further, VS sensors are made 100% electronic. Our sensors are the first ones on the market to incorporate this innovation. They prove themselves every day and give their users the edge in a broad range of applications. This guarantees you unbeatable dynamic performances that give optimal slaving of customer equipment while complying with the latest standards in force. VS sensors are perfect for use in sectors such as railways, mining and control in hazardous environments.VS voltage sensors and CS current sensors together constitute an offer the railway industry cannot afford to ignore.

 Incomparable protection against magnetic fields                            

VS sensors are conceived, designed and renowned for their unrivalled immunity to ambient magnetic fields. Although they are in continuous proximity of powerful currents capable of distorting their measurements, this does not, in fact, occur. Their accuracy is rock-solid and once set to measure a particular voltage, that is what they measure - that and nothing else.

Perfect efficiency in every environment

The VS range has been designed for applications in difficult environments such as on-board railway equipment (power converters, auxiliary converters for heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and the mining industry. Their robust design and excellent performances (e.g. operating range between -40° and +85°C) make VS voltage sensors ideal for use in other very demanding applications (marine, wind-power, ozone generators, etc.)

Going beyond ordinary standards

ABB have been ISO 9001 certified since 1993 and our sensors bear the CE label. This ongoing striving after quality has always been the hallmark of a company where excellence and safety are part of the culture, from design right through to production. This culture is the result of continuous research to make technical progress and meet our customers' demands.

VS sensors meet the various safety standards in force such as EN 50124-1 for electrical insulation and NFF 16101-NFF 16102 for fire-smoke resistance.

The chief selling-point of  VS sensors is their quality. Compliance with EN 50121-X for electromagnetic disturbance and EN 50155 for their high-tech electronic design is proof of their ability to comply with the most detailed constraints as well as major demands. The fact that each individual sensor is subjected to rigorous testing such as sensor burn-in is proof of the importance ABB attribute to quality.

ABB have long been concerned with the protection of the environment, as proved by the ISO 14001 certification they received in 1998. This environmental approach is particularly noticeable in production of the VS range in the reduction of the number of components, in the use of a low-energy manufacturing procedure and the use of recyclable packing. The products in use are also characterized by their reduced energy consumption.

Unrivalled compactness 

ABB have applied the notion "Small is beautiful" to its products. By integrating the notion of reduced size into their VS sensors, ABB have brought miniaturization to a point of perfection.This miniaturization gives great flexibility of installation. The great breakthrough with VS sensors is that they are 100% electronic. This makes it possible to put cutting-edge technology into the smallest possible space. Everything is integrated; in other words everything is inside to leave as much room as possible outside.

Optimized electronic performance

The electrical performances of VS sensors are genuinely customized to a variety of demands and meet the severest constraints. VS sensors give the best accuracy and performance for money on the market. And their performances really come up to your expectations.

Flexibility of use

All our products have been conceived and designed so that installation and use are as simple as possible. Flexibility of installation and operation obtained using a range of connector variants mean that VS sensors are very easy to use. In fact, high-tech sensors have never been as easy to use.