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Industry Current Sensors ES Range

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- ES1000/2000                       

 The resin concept: a reference that has become a standard
Since obtaining ISO 14001 certification in 1998 ABB has integrated an essential concept into its ES current sensors : a determination to anticipate market requirements and genuine concern for the protection of the environment. This fundamental concern is the overwhelming culture that permeates the company. No wonder our competitors are jealous and find our approach an inspiration for their own efforts. With the introduction of recyclable resin, ABB were trailblazers of an innovation that has over the years become a touchstone. It was this concept that enabled ABB to obtain ISO 14001 certification for their concern for the environment. Optimized settings, waste control, minimization of losses, etc. are all factors that again ensure ABB pride of place in the field of current sensors.

  46% smaller!
As components get smaller but more powerful, installing current sensors is becoming a real problem. But with ABB's ES range, the whole thing is child's play. By being the first in the field to offer these smaller current sensors that maintain your high-performance objectives, ABB have met the challenge of giving you the space you always needed.

 Horizontal or vertical mounting        
Once again ABB lead the field by giving installersa chance to choose between two ways of fastening sensors: horizontally or vertically. This flexibility means that ES sensors can be installed in any position.This is a major breakthrough that greatly simplifies the task of systems integrators. The
A vast range of possibilities for every type of use
Because ABB are in constant touch with their customers so that they can respond and adapt to the demands of the different sectors, they hold pride of place in their customers' list of partners. ABB are totally at home in the world of power electronics, a world made up of target sectors that range from power converters and auxiliary converters, inverters, wind-power generators, welding, robotics and active harmonic suppressors. ABB's power lies in their ability to adapt. 

 Unbeatable reliability
Designed using the 6 sigma approach, the ES range is a model of reliability. The choice and number of optimized components, traceability of subassemblies, individually production tests... nothing is left to chance to guarantee your peace of mind.

 Quality that goes beyond standards
ABB have been ISO 9001 certified since 1993 and our ES range of sensors bear the CE label in Europe and the UL or UR labels in the US. This ongoing striving after quality has always been the hallmark of a company where excellence and safety are part of the culture, from design right through to production. This culture is the result of continuous research to make technical progress and meet our customers' demands.

BB have long been concerned with the protection of the environment, as proved by the ISO 14001 certification they received in 1998. This environmental approach is particularly noticeable in production of the ES range in the reduction of the number of components, in the use of a low-energy manufacturing procedure and the use of recyclable packing. The products in use are also characterized by their reduced energy consumption.
The chief selling-point of ES sensors is their quality. Compliance of their high-tech electronic design with standard EN 50178 is proof of their ability to comply with the most detailed constraint as well as major demands.The fact that each individual sensor is subjected to rigorous testing is proof of the importance ABB attribute to quality.