Components and technical solutions for power electronics

Liquid coolng systems of converters

All pure-water cooling systems has the same principal build up. There is a main loop cooling the object. The water transfers the heat to water-to-water or water-to-air heat exchangers. From the main loop a small part of the flow passes a water processing circuit, in which water is continuously purified from ions and oxygen if necessary.


The water is also mechanical filtered. The conductivity of the cooling water can be maintained as low as <0.1µS/cm (at 25°C). The difference between a high reliability system and a normal industry system is mainly the degree of redundant components, quality requirements on installed components and system monitoring and control.


All our cooling systems are prefabricated and assembled in one or several units. They are full-scale tested and verified in the workshop before delivery.

Most of our systems include control equipment with PLC and software.

The control system is also functionally tested together with cooling equipment before delivery. As we deliver systems over the whole world, we have developed design standards and control routines to make assembly work on site easy and short. Most of our customers can assemble the systems only by following our installation and start-up manuals.