Components and technical solutions for power electronics

FMCC Europe is an official distributor of the leading producers of power electronic components for traction, T&D and industrial drive applications. We supply the following products of the world leaders: ABB Switzerland – power semiconductor devices: phase control high power thyristors, BCT - bi-directionally controlled thyristors, IGCT - integrated gate-commutated thyristors, asymmetric GTO thyristors, fast recovery diodes, rectifier diodes, IGBT modules, IGBT and FRD dies, semiconductor devices and switches optimized for pulsed power applications (Pulsed Power devices).

ABB France – high performance current sensors using closed loop Hall effect technology and voltage sensors using fully electronic technology to meet the requirements of traction in main converters, auxiliary converters, battery chargers, choppers, sub-stations and industry in variable speed drives, UPS, active harmonic filters, battery chargers, robotics, electrolysis, etc.

MERSEN (Ferraz Shawmut) - protection devices for electrical equipment and for separate elements of electric chains/fuses (more than 40000 denominations), fuse holders, protection devices against overvoltage; cooling devices for semiconductors and electronic components / water, air coolers, thermal pipes, heat exchangers; power switching equipment / disconnectors to 36кВ, power disconnectors on currents to 160кА, power contactors;
equipment for railway transport / current collectors, current arresters, earthing switches, boxes with fuses.

EBG (Austria) – power highly specialized electronic resistive components: high power film resistors, precision high voltage resistors, watercooled resistors, high pulse load resistors, voltage dividers, shunts.

API Capacitors (NCL until 2012) – reliable professional capacitors for demanding specialized power electronic application:
GTO and thyristors snubber capacitors, DC filter capacitors for traction, IGBT filters, IGBT-AC harmonic filters, energy storage capacitors for military, medical, industrial and research markets.

CONCEPT – IGBT drivers for ABB IGBT modules

Design and delivery of semiconductor stacks, semiconductor assemblies, semiconductors power supplies

We can offer a wide spectrum of electrotechnical products and components for industrial and civil objects, transport and power, the metallurgical and chemical industries, mining and oil refining branches, power generation, power transmission and distribution.